A company’s success with increasing traffic towards their site is directly correlated with how easy it is for their site and products/services to be found.  This is because searching on Google has become a staple for the consumer.  To put that into perspective for you, consider this:  Google has reported that they are processing around 3.5 billion searches per DAY!  With such an astronomical number of people searching for things on the web, it’s no secret that a company’s online presence can be made or broken by its searchability.


So, why is searchability so important?  When a potential customer is looking online for products or services that are similar to those that your company offers, it is highly likely that they will go for the first couple of links that appear in their search.  They may also look for companies that have been reviewed many times and have a high rating.  Most of the time, people are looking for fast and efficient results.  If your company is not at the top of the search list, you won’t get noticed and you won’t get their business!


Another important factor to consider is that you want your company to appear in localized searches for your customers.  This means that when customers search, they expect for their results to be localized to their region.  Customers don’t want their results to be for stores or locations that are unreachable to them.  Conversely, if they order online, the average customer doesn’t want to pay large shipping fees, so they’ll be wanting their localized searches to be accurate.  Google is quite accomplished at localizing searches, provided your business information and contact location is widely available and up to date.


Making your company easily discoverable online will not only improve traffic towards your site but will also increase sales of products or services that you offer.  Consumers are also utilizing voice assistant more and more to search.  Mobile browsing is still popular, as it can be utilized on the go, even while in a brick-and-mortar store.  Consumers can compare prices while they shop, which is why you want your products to be easily accessible with reviews to go with them.  Since technology is constantly changing and adapting, that means the way that consumers shop will change too.


Google’s algorithm is designed in a very specific way, and it is constantly learning.  In order to have your products or services appear to consumers, you will need to have precise keywords.  These keywords will improve your searchability and allow your site to be seen more by potential consumers, which can equal leads, and leads are then converted to sales!  If you want your business to pop and stand out amongst the sea of competition, utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is an absolute must.


Staying up to date with the latest SEO practices will give your company the visibility it needs to create sales and develop a solid base of satisfied customers.  If consumers can’t easily locate you online, they won’t buy from you.  Convenience is key!


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