Have you ever searched for a particular business or just a specific type of business online, found one that you liked, clicked “Directions” and ended up in the wrong place?  I’ve literally found myself at the wrong end of a large strip mall, at the rear of a business with no easy access to the front of the building and even in a completely different place altogether.  I dared to call that last business after browsing all of the buildings in the plaza I had been led to and had quite the interesting conversation.


Me: “Hi, I have an appointment and I cannot find your business.  I went where the directions led me and have no idea where you are located.”

Business: “Are you in the plaza west of the highway?”

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Business: “OK, we are east of the highway in the second plaza past Walmart.  We get calls like this all the time.  I have no idea why that happens.”


I DO!!!  I know EXACTLY why that happens!!!

It’s not about the address, it’s all about the pin.  You know the one.  That little dot on the map that identifies where it’s taking you.  It’s important that your pin actually leads customers to the right place.  The good news is that you have the power to change this in your listings.  Using a directory listings service allows not only for your business to be found on multiple directory websites (yp.com, superpages.com, Apple Maps, etc.) which helps your SEO, but it also lets you place the pin exactly where it needs to be so that your customers and potential customers who use the directional link in your profiles can get right to your front door.

Do you need help with your digital listings and getting your pin posted in the right place?  Give us a call and Let’s Get Crackin’?