Social media marketing can be a gold mine for impressions if utilized correctly.  There is a big margin for failure if done in a cheesy or sleazy way, but when companies have fun, innovative, and unique online footprints, the marketing really writes itself!  The most important part of social media marketing is to be committed and accessible to consumers.  Why, you ask?  Because consumers feel like they can interact with the company, more specifically with an employee, which cultivates feelings of being a valued customer.


Posting regularly is an important part of social media marketing so that your company gets regular exposure with its followers.  If you’re writing random posts every 2 months, consumers aren’t going to take you seriously, and most likely your post won’t appear on their feed at all.  Engagement is crucial for social media marketing, and you need customers to like and share your posts as much as possible.


Social media can be a great place for customers to ask quick questions and interact with your company through likes, comments, and direct messages.  If you aren’t engaging with consumers, then you aren’t going to be marketing successfully!  Customers can’t build a relationship with your brand if you don’t reciprocate that engagement.


A great example of successful marketing has been seen on Tik Tok with brands engaging on viral posts and bantering with other brands in comment sections.  This creates enormous exposure to targeted audiences and leads to engagement with these company’s accounts and websites.  Humanizing brands through social media is one of the most innovative and successful ways to reach new consumers and create new leads.  Word of mouth on social media spreads faster than wildfire.


If you’re wanting to boost your social media engagement, you’ll need to hire someone specifically for the job, as it’s a big one.  Your social media marketer should be experienced, fun, and creative with a good sense of responsibility and humour.  These people are responsible for communicating directly with both current customers or potential ones, and it’s important that they represent your company and brand in the most advantageous and effective way possible.  Having the right personality for your business and not coming on too strong or too “salesy” is a tightrope that your social media marketer must walk.  Repeatedly.  But, the success that this type of marketing can have on your business can be enormous.


Social media can reach such large and diverse demographics that really no other method of marketing can reach.  It may be a more expensive marketing tool to pay someone for the job, but it will absolutely reap the benefits and then some if done well.  With great risk comes great reward, don’t they say?


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