Quick question:  As a business owner would you like to have your customers coming back to you?


OK, so maybe that is a bit rhetorical, but an important question nonetheless.  Of course, every business wants their customers to come back to them over and over again.  As much as you want them to come back in-person (assuming you have a brick-and-mortar business) you should also want them visiting your website over and over again.  This way they can re-engage with your business by checking out your menu, or browsing new product listings, or seeing what home services you provide, or reading your latest blog or whatever else they’d like to see from you.  The important thing is that they are wanting to spend time with your brand whether your physical location is open or not.  Now, this is the part where site retargeting comes in to play.


What is site retargeting you ask?  Great question.  Basically, it’s a digital tactic that allows your message to follow consumers around the internet who have already spent time on your website.  You’ve most likely seen these ads after you’ve searched for something in particular or read an article about that type of product or service.  I’ll give you a personal example.  A few years ago, I was interested in taking a cruise.  I googled cruise options and visited the sites of several brands like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Celebrity.  Then I noticed digital display ads from some of those companies following me onto other sites that I visited throughout my typical journey around the web.  These ads got me to revisit their sites using special offers as part of their message.  So, at some point I got to their websites, checked out some of their information, did not schedule a vacation and they followed me around with new information that might entice me to buy.




I had never cruised with Norwegian, but their message stood out and I ended up booking a trip with them (which was fantastic by the way).  Had it not been for their use of site retargeting I may have never actually used their cruise line and instead my money would have gone to their competition and nobody wants that!!  Kudos to Norwegian for understanding the importance and value of website visitors.


So regardless of what kind of business you own you should absolutely be using site retargeting to reach those consumers who have already spent a little hard-earned time with you.  This will help keep your company name on their minds when they are interested in your products or services.  Even if they see your site retargeting digital ads and don’t click on them (most of them won’t) they will serve as a reminder the next time they are looking for what you have to offer.  They are a good method of brand awareness for the people who have already invested time with your business and those most likely to come back and do business with you.


When you’re ready to reach those already showing signs of interest give us a call and Let’s Get Crackin’.